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Jump from one Event to Another in Automation Workflow

While creating a Campaign of a simple or complex scenario, there are many actions/decisions/conditions that will help you.

Here we will see a specific action that allows a contact to jump from one event to another one. With this action, you’ll gain time while creating your campaigns because it will avoid repeating all negative branches with the same path as positive branches. Contacts that have followed negative branches will go back in a certain event to follow a previous positive branch.

Steps to see how the action “Jump to event” work?

  1. Login to your Aritic PinPoint dashboard > Campaigns > Create a new automation campaign.

2. Select the type of campaign – Here we will select a Segment based campaign.

3. It can be useful to place the action “Jump to an event” at the end of a negative branch that allows the contact to go to a previous positive branch. Let’s see this scenario as an example.

If the contact does not open email 1 after two days, it will follow the negative branch and will receive email 1 again. If this time, it opens email 1, it will jump directly to the event send email 2, and will follow this branch.

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