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Integrate Google Lead Form Extension

You can follow the steps below to Integrate Google Lead Form Extension inside Aritic PinPoint. After completing this integration you will get all the leads submitting their detail from Google Ads directly inside Aritic Point Contacts. With all the detail, you can also create custom segment of yours inside Aritic PinPoint.

Once you have created Google Lead Form Extension ad, then navigate to the setting or, can follow these steps to create lead form extension ad.

Inside the setting of the Google Lead Form Extension ad, navigate to “Lead Delivery Option” expand it. Inside this setting add Webhook URL and Key.

Webhook URL: This should your Aritic PinPoint installation URL followed by “/googleads/callback”.

If your Aritic PinPoint installation URL is than this Webhook URL should be

Key: Make sure this is always and only “googleleadsadsaritic“.

After you have filled the above detail; then you can click on “SEND TEST DATA” button to test the form. You will receive a dummy contact ( inside your Aritic PinPoint installation.

Check the Test Data inside Aritic PinPoint:

1. Navigate to the Contacts menu of Aritic PinPoint, then search “”

2. The test data appears here:

3. Also, you can see the tags as “googleads” marked for the contact.

4. Now use these tags in segment to view your contacts at one place.

Finally, you can save the Google Ads settings upon successful test.

Now you can start your Automation work flow to send welcome email.

Note: Currently it supported Full Name, Email and Phone Number. If you want extra fields or modification in existing fields. Please talk to our customer success person, who can help to achieve more fields.

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