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Instagram Integration

In this article, you’ll learn how to Integrate with “Instagram” in Aritic Pinpoint.

Here are the Requirement:-

a) Aritic PinPoint user account

b) Instagram Developer account

Follow the steps below to configure  Instagram Developer’s account with Aritic PinPoint:

1. Login to your Instagram Developer’s account

2. At the bottom of the page click on “API”

3. Click on blue box “Register Your Application”

4. At here fill the all requirement field of “Register new Client ID”

a) Choose your Application Name

b) write the Descriptions about your application

c) write the Website URL

d) Mention your Contact email address

e) Enter your “Captcha”

f) Click on “Register “at bottom of the page

when you will click on “Register” link, it will redirect to “Manage Client” Page.

5. Click on “Manage”

6. Copy the “Client ID”

7.  Copy the “Client Secret”

8. Click on “Update Client”

9. On the top right corner of Aritic PinPoint Dashboard, go to Settings. 

10. Click on “Apps”.

11. On the Plugins page, click on “Instagram” icon

11. Now under the ENABLED/AUTH tab, you can enter your Instagram’s Client ID  and Client Secret. You also have an option to either publish or unpublish it.

12.  Click  on “Authorize App”  button.

13. Under the Features tab,

You can set Enabled features like:

a) Display public profile and enable profile to contact field matching

b)  Display public activity

14. Under the “CONTACT MAPPING” fill the integration field and Aritic fields details.

15. Click on Apply button to apply the changes.

16. Click on Save & Close button to save all the information and go back to the previous page.

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