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Insert Dynamic Email Content in Your Email Template

Your contacts inside Aritic PinPoint expect relevant and personalised content, both online and offline. Hence, it is evident you will want to leverage your email campaigns to provide a 1:1 experience that will exceed your customers’ expectations. By inserting dynamic content in your email, you can create such an experience for your customers across multiple devices. It is no more only about using their first name in the email subject line after all.

Start adding dynamic content (also known as adaptive or sophisticated content) so that your email content is always relevant based on your customers’ demographics, behaviour patterns, or browsing and purchase history.

1. Go to the Email campaign or Email template and click on Create New.

2. Select the Theme of your choice and click Next.

3. In the body of the email please add this token {dynamiccontent=”Dynamic Content 1″} and click Next.

4. Now you will be prompted to the Dynamic content page where you can click on New and add Variation.

5. Now you can go to Variation, select the filter condition with ‘equals’ and you can add as many as Variations you want along with filter conditions and click on Next

6. Fill all the required fields with Campaign Name, and click on Next.

7. Select the Segment to which you want to send the campaign and click on Next and send the campaign

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