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Important Email Template Builder Tags and Tokens for Email Personalization

When using Aritic PinPoint and sending an email campaign through it, you are able to use a number of custom tags / tokens/ mailmerge for email template personalization. You can use the following tags/ tokens inside your email template and once the campaign is delivered to the contacts from Aritic PinPoint then, the tag/ tokens will automatically resolve to their respective values.

Tags/ Tokens Value
{contactfield=firstname} Contact’s First Name
{contactfield=lastname} Contact’s Last Name
{unsubscribe_text} This will Add Unsubscribe Link with Link and message with following text:

Unsubscribe to no longer receive emails from us.

{unsubscribe_url} This resolves to Unsubscribe URL, that can be used in a link’s href attribute
{webview_text} This will add web version of the campaign with following text:

Having trouble reading this email? Click here.

{webview_url} This adds web version URL of the campaign, that can be used in a link’s href attribute
{signature} Email Signature of the Aritic PinPoint user account owner
{contactfield=address1} Contact’s Address Line 1
{contactfield=address2} Contact’s Address Line 2
{contactfield=attribution_date} Contact’s Attribution Date
{contactfield=attribution} Contact’s Attribution
{contactfield=city} Contact’s City
{contactfield=companyaddress1} Contact’s Company Address 1
{contactfield=companyaddress2} Contact’s Company Address 2
{contactfield=companyannual_revenue} Contact’s Company Annual Revenue
{contactfield=companycity} Contact’s Company City
{contactfield=companycountry} Contact’s Company Country
{contactfield=companydescription} Description
{contactfield=companyemail} Company Email
{contactfield=companyfax} Fax
{contactfield=companyindustry} Industry
{contactfield=companyname} Company Name
{contactfield=companynumber_of_employees} Number of Employees
{contactfield=companyphone} Phone
{contactfield=companystate} State
{contactfield=companywebsite} Website
{contactfield=companyzipcode} Zip Code
{contactfield=company} Company
{contactfield=country} Contact’s Country
{contactfield=email} Contact’s Email
{contactfield=facebook} Contact’s Facebook
{contactfield=fax} Contact’s Fax
{contactfield=foursquare} Contact’s Foursquare
{contactfield=googleplus} Contact’s Google+
{contactfield=instagram} Contact’s Instagram
{contactfield=linkedin} Contact’s LinkedIn
{contactfield=mobile} Contact’s Mobile
{contactfield=phone} Contact’s Phone
{contactfield=position} Contact’s Position
{contactfield=preferred_locale} Contact’s Preferred Locale
{contactfield=skype} Contact’s Skype
{contactfield=state} Contact’s State
{contactfield=title} Contact’s Title
{contactfield=twitter} Contact’s Twitter
{contactfield=website} Contact’s Website
{contactfield=zipcode} Contact’s Zip Code
{dynamiccontent=”Dynamic Content 1″} Dynamic Content 1
{leadfield=address1} Form Capture Address Line 1 Field
{leadfield=address2} Form Capture Address Line 2 Field
{leadfield=attribution_date} Form Capture Attribution Date Field
{leadfield=attribution} Form Capture Attribution Field
{leadfield=city} Form Capture City Field
{leadfield=companyaddress1} Form Capture Company Address 1 Field
{leadfield=companyaddress2} Form Capture Company Address 2 Field
{leadfield=companyannual_revenue} Form Capture Company Annual Revenue Field
{leadfield=companycity} Form Capture Company City Field

The email builder will let you drag the predefined content sections from the right hand toolbar and drop them to the position you choose.The existing sections can be re-ordered or removed.

The email builder provides quick and convenient access to assets, landing pages, and other extra fields which are considered important or commonly used. All those are accessible via tokens in format {component=item}, for example {contactfield=company}. A drop-down with options will appear when you type { character and you can search for the right token by typing its name. For example if you type {comp, it will suggest the right token for the Company Contact Field and you can select it via keyboard or by clicking on it.

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