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Import Contacts inside Static Segments

Inside Aritic PinPoint 2 different kind of Segments can be built.

First is Static Segments where it does not have any segment filters. The only way of filling the contacts are Import contacts directly in the segment, Set actions in campaigns to add certain contacts inside the segment, Set actions in forms, Manually add contacts in segment via the interface.

Steps to Import Contacts inside Static Segments:

Be careful: Contacts manually added into segments will not be removed even if they do not fulfill the condition’s filters.

1. From Aritic PinPoint, Go to Contacts menu from left.

2. Navigate to Segments menu and from new dashboard, click on “Create New Segment“.


3. Fill in the required Static Segment Name. You can leave the Filters tab as it is. Then click “Save & Close“.

Import Contacts inside the Static Segment:

1. From Aritic PinPoint, again Go to Contacts menu from left.

2. On the top right corner of Contact, click on Drop down menu select the “Import Contacts” button.

3. Upload the CSV file with contacts you want to import.

Here is a sample file which you can update and use directly inside Aritic PinPoint to import the contacts smoothly.

4. On next screen the field mapping page should show up.

Select owner, segment (this should be your above build static segment), and tags to assign globally to all imported contacts. Further, map the columns from your CSV to Aritic PinPoint contact custom fields.

5. Finally Import the file after click on top right button.

Once the import process completes successfully, you can view the imported contacts inside your Static Segment.


Second is Dynamic contents contain filters. It will update automatically as soon as contacts fulfill (or not) the conditions. Add contacts from a campaign action, Add contacts from a form action, Add contacts from the interface,
Import contacts into segments.

Be careful: Contacts manually added into segments will not be removed even if they do not fulfill the condition’s filters.

That’s why when importing contacts, we advise to create static segments only for imports. Then create dynamic segments that will seek contacts from the import. It’s better to avoid future issues with campaign scenarios.

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