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Integrate Aritic PinPoint Forms with Formidable Form

Before you start this integration; you need to create a form inside Aritic PinPoint and also you need to enable Aritic PinPoint API. Followed by these steps, can follow following steps:

1. Create required similar forms in Aritic PinPoint and Formidable Form.
2. Upload “WP Aritic Form Integrator” plugin into your WordPress plugin setup.
3. Configure the Aritic PinPoint OAuth 2 API from top right setting as-

4. Create New API and select OAuth 2, add your desired name and add “Redirect URL” from “WP Aritic Form Integrator” Settings page:

5. Go to “WP Aritic Form Integrator” Settings and add these data’s and select the Formidable Form which you want to integrate.

6. Finally Save changes and click on authorize.

7. On next screen, login with Aritic PinPoint credential and authenticate the plugin.
8. After you are back to your WordPress; select  “WP Aritic Form Integrator” > Add New.

9. Select Formidable Form from drop down and continue.
10. On this screen select the Formidable Form which you want to integrate with Aritic PinPoint Form; also select Aritic PinPoint Form.

11. Continue to next screen. And now start mapping both the form fields.

12. Once, you are done with above steps; finally Finish this integration setup and you now done!

WP Aritic Form Integrator works with following WordPress Forms:

  • Contact Form 7
  • Fast Secure Forms
  • Ninja Forms
  • G​ravity Forms

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