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Getting Started with Email Template Builder

Aritic PinPoint saves all the email templates inside the Assets menu of the platform. You can create and access these templates from the left menu of the dashboard.

Get started with email template:

1. Navigate to the left menu from Aritic PinPoint Dashboard, click on Assets > Email Templates > Design New Email Template.

2. Select the “Design New Email Template” button from the top right corner.

3. Enter the Subject line and Internal Name; followed by “From Name”, “From Email Address” (this should be the verified email to which you have been approved to send the email), and “Reply to Address”.

4. Navigate to the “Theme” tab and select the theme on which you would to build the email template.

5. Next, launch the “Email Studio” from the top button to launch the email template builder.

6. This is what the email template Studio looks like; this email builder is easy to use for the marketing team user. Within this email template builder, you can drag and drop the cards from the right panel; edit the card area, and get started editing the email template.

7. You can edit and design this email template further with advanced options, through many different design options. To do this, navigate to the “Advance Design” button, and launch advance email design studio.

8. Email design studio has “Style Manager”, “Settings”, “Layer Manager”, and “Email Blocks”. You can edit these designs, “Save and Close”, this will bring you back to the email builder.

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