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Getting Started with a Form for Trade Fair

Have a trade fair to host, and need a place to enter all your visitor details for bookkeeping and later communications? Aritic PinPoint Kiosk form feature can help you to easily sort this out.

The Kiosk forms is a specifically incorporated feature inside Aritic PinPoint for trade shows and exhibitions.

Can I use a normal form and host it as a Kiosk form?

The answer is NO. Normal forms built inside Aritic PinPoint have tracking enabled. When you host it on a single terminal, for instance at the entry terminal of your trade fair, it will keep updating the same contact every time a person submits the form. This is because this form works based on cookies and IP addresses, and in this case, it is the same in all instances (i.e. for every person submitting the form).

On the contrary, Kiosk forms are full-page forms that assume the shape of the screen they are hosted on, be it a mobile, tablet, monitor, etc. The tracking is disabled for Kiosk forms so each time your visitors submit the form, a new contact is created inside the system, ready for you to begin communication.

How to create a Kiosk Form for your Trade Fair?

Login to your Aritic PinPoint dashboard > Components > Forms > Design a new form.

Inside the Form Designer menu at the bottom, you will find the option for “Kiosk Mode”. Switch it on by clicking on YES. Then, Click on Save and Close to save the changes to the form. And your Kiosk form is ready.

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