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Get Started with Contact Filters inside Contact Dashboard

Inside the Aritic PinPoint application, you must navigate contact filters to hear from people who match your requirements. You can search people based on their names, emails addresses, location, date, score, tags, access device and last activity date. If you activate contact filters, you can easily find information about those contacts as per your interest. If you are clear about what you want from the contacts, you can easily filter to find relevant information and connect with them. After navigating through the filters in the application, you can click and connect to those who match your needs.

a) On the “Contacts” page you can see the “Filter” option as shown below.

b) You can search for a contact using the “Filter” option ( like name or email ) as shown in the screenshot below.

c) We can also filter by location as shown in the screenshot below.

d) We can filter the contact based on the contact owner’s name as shown in the below screenshot,

e) We can filter the contact based on the “Created date” filter option as shown below.

f) We can filter the contact based on the “Last activity date” option as shown in the below screenshots.

g) In the “More Filters” option we can filter by giving the required conditions

After clicking on the More filters option, you will get more options to choose filters as shown in the screenshot below. You can choose any filter within Contact, score, tags, segment and category, date-based activity, and access device as shown in the below screenshot

In the above screenshot, you can select the AND or OR options in which AND means its needs to pass the above two conditions and whereas OR means any one of the conditions is passed. Then click on save as shown above.

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