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Get Started with Campaign URL Builder

Aritic PinPoint has a nifty Campaign URL Builder, using which you can build short Campaign URLs quickly, it can be shared among your audiences. You can build a short URL for any link of yours from Aritic PinPoint. The option to build a short campaign URL can be found under Assets > Campaign URL Builder.

Get started with Campaign URL Builder:

1. Navigate under AssetsCampaign URL Builder from Aritic PinPoint left menu. The following dashboard will appear:

From this dashboard, you can manage and monitor the created short links.

2. To create a new short link, head over to the New button from the top right panel. On the new dashboard, you can observe the options to create short URLs:

Inside this dashboard, add the name, and description for your reference; followed by adding the Campaign / Website URL, Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, Campaign Name, Campaign Term, and Campaign Content. After this, you can select the publish and unpublish dates for these links, select a category, and finally click on the Save and Close button from the top right panel.

  • The full campaign/ website URL can be (e.g.
  • The campaign source referrer can be (e.g. google, newsletter)
  • Marketing campaign medium can be (e.g. CPC, banner, email)
  • Campaign name Product, promo code, or slogan can be (e.g. winter_sale)
  • Campaign content can be used to Use to differentiate the ads

Monitor the performance of short Campaign URLs:

Once you created the short URL and would like to monitor the performance of the short campaign URLs. Each short URL has its own performance graph, where you can view the hits/ view of the URL over time:

Note: All the short URLs created from this dashboard add 302 temporary redirects to the original links/ URL.

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