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Get Started with a New Blog Post

Once the migration of old blog posts from the old blog CMS has been completed to the new Aritic PinPoint Blog CMS, you can start adding new posts conveniently from the Blog dashboard panel. All the blog posts are available inside the Posts > All Posts menu.

Adding a new blog post inside Blog CMS panel is easy. You need to follow following steps:

1. Go to Posts > Add New from the left menu panel of blog CMS.

2. Inside the new blog post dashboard, you will view the following panels:

  • Title (Enter Title Here)
  • Blog Post Content Panel
  • Author
  • Yoast SEO
  • Discussion
  • Custom Fields
  • Publish
  • Categories
  • Featured Image
  • Format
  • Tags
  • Post Attributes

3. Add the New Blog Post title and blog content. Inside the “New Post” dashboard, you add the title of the blog, inside the “Enter title here” box. Now to add the blog post content, you can start adding it from the WYSIWYG panel, which has all the tooltips available for blog post formatting. The WYSIWYG blog content panel has both the Visual and Text (/ code) modes, which can be switched from the top right of the panel.

4. Once you have completed the blog post editing and added the title of the blog post, now you can add a “Featured Image” from the right panel and select a category of the post from the right panel.

5. Adding Yoast SEO detail, once you have added all the detail to the above panels, now you are ready to optimize the blog post SEO Title, SEO meta description, and the slug. We recommend following  guides from Yoast, these posts will help you with the all SEO optimization required for a blog post in detail:

6. Finally, when you are done with adding all the detail, now you are ready to publish the blog post. You can navigate to top right of the screen, where you will find, “Blog Post Publishing Panel”. From this panel, you can adjust the date of the blog, schedule the blog post publishing, put the blog post in draft, or add the blog post for pending review. Also, from this panel, you can Preview the written blog post.

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