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How the Facebook Custom Audiences Sync works?

Facebook Custom Audience Integration is a connection between Aritic PinPoint and Facebook Custom Audiences.

Facebook Custom Audiences is an ad targeting option on your Facebook ad account. This ad targeting option lets you find your existing contacts from Aritic PinPoint, on Facebook automatically. When the contacts are registered on Facebook and Facebook is able to locate them; then Facebook Custom Audiences list can used as an ad targeting option on your Facebook ads.

You can sync more than one Aritic PinPoint Segment to your Facebook Ad Account and automatically build different type of Facebook Custom Audiences.

This integration in sync creates a New Custom Audience in your Facebook Ad Account after gathering the email addresses and phone numbers from Aritic PinPoint Segments.

How to enable Facebook Custom Audiences Sync?

1. Go to the Contacts > Segments from the left menu of Aritic PinPoint dashboard.

2. Create a new segment or edit a segment; then, enable the Facebook Sync.

Here is small graphic which shows how this sync integration works for you:

NOTE: Every sync checks and UPDATES the Custom Audience every 6 hours from Aritic PinPoint.

Further, inside your Facebook Ads Account; you can build different type of Custom Audiences:

  • Website Custom Audiences
  • App activity Custom Audience
  • Customer list Custom Audience
  • Engagement Custom Audiences

Moreover, when you want to expand more of your Facebook ad audience size, you can create Lookalike Audience based on top of your high performing Facebook Custom Audiences list. Lookalike Audiences are lists of people to target with advertising who are similar to (or ‘look like‘) the people currently engaging with your business.

NOTE: You can’t sync or connect existing (already created) Facebook Custom Audiences to Aritic PinPoint / Aritic PinPoint Segment.

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