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Configure Carousel Response inside Bot

a) In the Aritic dashboard, navigate to conversations and click on ‘Bot Flow’ from the menu.

b) Click on ‘New’ to create the bot flow.

c) Generate the bot name and click on ‘Save and Exit.’

d) After completing the above process, now click on the newly created ‘Bot Flow’ to start the bot flow.

e) Screen will be visible like the below image.

f) Immediately, press on ‘Add group’.

g) Give me a name like “1st Group-WelcomeMessage” and click on the ‘+’ button to create a new trigger group. Then, press on the green button beside the trigger group to bring the dropdown menu. Don’t miss to click on the ‘Default’ checkbox.

h) Type a name on the “New Trigger,” and click on “Add response.”

i) In the dropdown menu, you have to select ‘Send List’ and fill up the Default message.

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