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Clearbit Integration

Clearbit Integration

Aritic PinPoint and Clearbit plugin integration helps to pull data via API from Clearbit to Aritic PinPoint. Using Clearbit you can enrich your incoming lead data inside Aritic PinPoint. All the contact field data can be enriched using Clearbit integration, further these data can be used by sales team to identify the qualified and high value leads.


a) Aritic PinPoint user account

b) Clearbit user account

Follow the steps below to configure Clearbit with Aritic PinPoint:

1. Register and Login to Clearbit.

2. Go to Clearbit Dashboard > API.

3.  Copy the API key.

4. On the top right corner of Aritic PinPoint Dashboard, Go to Settings > Apps.

5. On the Apps page, click on “Clearbit” icon

6. Now under the ENABLED/AUTH tab, you can enter your “ Clearbit API Key”. You also have an option to either publish or unpublish it.

Note:– You can also Automatically update on server and publish your information on Clearbit by choosing the option “YES”.

7. Click on Apply button to apply the changes.

8. Click on Save & Close button to save all the information and go back to the previous screen.

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