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Contact Management inside Aritic PinPoint

You can build behavior-based automated campaigns within Aritic PinPoint. Aritic Pinpoint gives you an enriched and functional database to do this, using all the information and behavioral data each contact provides individually as well as personally

When you contact database is up-to-date, you can effectively reach out to all your contacts, and launch automated campaigns for a set targeted audience or trigger a bulk campaign.

The contact data also comes handy when you create email templates within Aritic Pinpoint. You can use it in the email body or to create dynamic content across multiple marketing channels available in Aritic PinPoint – SMS, emails, social media, and notifications.

Adding custom fields to build a contact base

You can add custom fields to your contacts, like birthdate, meeting date, job profile, or any other information you will need to create tailored campaigns and also understand your contacts better.

You can acquire all the information using smart forms. Then, use these in your email body or to create dynamic content. Aritic PinPoint enables you to keep a close track of each contacts so that you never miss an opportunity to nurture, understand and sell better.

Customer Lifecycle Stages

Aritic Pinpoint helps you to nurture each contact based on their current lifecycle stage, as well as activate them to the next stage automatically. These lifecycle stages are imperative to understand what your customers will need to proceed to the next stage as well as organize your contacts better. The main stages where you should primarily include in your workflow are subscriber, leads, qualified leads for marketing, qualified leads for sales, opportunity, customers, and advocate.

If you practice inbound marketing for your business, it is important to note that your communication message and formats will continue to change as and when the lifecycle stage of your contacts change. You have to recognize their lifecycle stage and accordingly design automation campaigns for further and relevant nurturing. Each stage requires different forms of content and communications.

Adding tags to your contacts

With Aritic PinPoint, you can segment your contacts in multiple ways. One of the simplest ways is to add tags to your contacts. Tags happen to be the simplest but a powerful way to segment your contacts.

In terms of traditional segmentation, in Aritic Pinpoint, you can create primarily four segments (traditional segments)-

  • Geographical
  • Demographic
  • Behavioral
  • Psychological

However, with tags, you can create sub-groups of each segment. These tags are flexible and can be applied in diverse areas of your company, like user interaction with your website or content tracking, or commercial department, etc. You can monitor these tags to control your subscription services, purchased products, etc.

Let’s see how tags open up a wide array of subgroups. Let’s say you are doing behavioral segmentation in Aritic PinPoint. This means you are trying to group your contacts based on how they are engaging with your product before making the purchase decision.

You can create a segment for the most loyal customers and tag this segment with a product name. You can create a campaign to add a tag with your product name, everytime your contact clicks on the corresponding link. With a loyal customer segment and a tag for each product name, you end up creating narrowed filters that help you segment your contacts deeper for nurturing campaigns. Basically, you create sub groups under main segmentation groups.

You can tag your contacts through automation campaigns, forms, and also the tracking pixel/script in Aritic PinPoint.

Manage your contacts in Aritic PinPoint

Aritic Pinpoint helps you track, observe, monitor, and manage your contacts effectively so that you can improve your communications, activate your contacts from one lifecycle to the next one, and trigger higher conversions and retentions.