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Contact Auditing with Aritic PinPoint Contacts

We recommend you to always audit your contacts for your campaigns to get better results. To help you do this, we have recently introduced an audit log feature for you.

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It is essential to update all information, be it contacts’ profile details or any other business information, to see better results. The Audit log feature within Aritic PinPoint helps enterprises to track updates of their contact lists and also get information like who are they, what they do and when were their profiles last updated.


How can you track the changes?

You have contact data in abundance. You have multiple users continuously editing and updating information, reminders, and notes. Again, there are many who use native Aritic PinPoint integrations to supplement and store all their data. This is one of the major reasons why often companies end up having duplicate data. To avoid this, Aritic PinPoint ensures that you get to see the entire history of all the changes made or integrations used by each user.

To facilitate this, we have two tabs available on the contact details page, as shown below.

Steps to get here:

  1. On the left-hand, select CONTACTS > contacts
  2. Click on any user’s name from the list of contacts
  3. Click on ENGAGEMENT on the top

contact audit log

Auditing on Aritic PinPoint 

You now know where to find the Audit Log tab in Aritic PinPoint. You can see the native integrations this contact has from the integrations option available on the same page as above. This is really interesting because you get to see all contact updates, edits, and sources listed down in this page. There are various attributes that you can check: mobile engagements, chat, digital locations or touchpoints, physical locations, identical leads (if any, will be merged here), and notes. Depending on the user engagement, Aritic PinPoint will keep showing all the updated information.

Auditing user logs

Aritic PinPoint also displays all the updates or changes made by the user itself, either via forms or pixel integrations or by any team members. For instance, in the image below, you can see the list of updates made either by the system or by a team member along with the time stamp.

contact audits

On clicking on the “reverse styled” icon beside the user/source name, you will see the new points value as well as the old value for each update made.

contact audit points

Data Auditing for Enterprise in Aritic PinPoint

This auditing feature is very helpful for companies who practice account-based marketing within Aritic PinPoint. This helps in giving more clarity to understand how each data was updated, when and why.

If you are using progressive profiling feature within our product, this audit log feature will come handy in understanding your customers as well as handle your contact data securely.

Have any feedback for Aritic PinPoint? Write to our helpdesk for immediate assistance.