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All About The Tickets

A ticket is a holder for a conversation with the customer about a dedicated topic/issue. By raising a ticket about the issue the customers feel safer knowing that the agent will undergo a validation procedure before being allowed to operate.


There are the different condition for the tickets and the following ticket states are: –

  • New
    It means the ticket has been created by a customer and agent has not sent a response to the customer yet.
    If an agent gives the reply to the customer, the ticket will change its state/condition to “open”.
  • Open
    Ticket is open, an agent needs to work on it or have to give the proper response to the ticket (e. g. close it or set a pending reminder state to let others agents know that somebody is working or will work later on it)
  • Pending reminder
    Tickets which will “sleep” means no further action/attention needed till pending date is reached
    Tickets will not be escalated.
    The time where the ticket is in pending reminder is not counted for escalation
  • Pending close
    After pending time is reached, the ticket will be closed by Aritic automatically
  • Closed
    Ticket has been solved/finished, no further action/attention needed


Almost anywhere a ticket is being shown you will see a coloured circle. The colour defines which type of action is needed for the ticket:-

  • Orange
    It means the ticket has been created and somebody/agent needs to work on it
    A pending reminder of the ticket has been reached, somebody/agent needs to work on it.
  • Red
    If you see the red coloured circle near the ticket it means it has been escalated, somebody/agent needs to work immediately on this ticket to cancel escalation state (e. g. needs to send out a customer response or set the ticket to pending reminder until somebody can solve the ticket)
  • Green
    Ticket is closed, no further action/attention needed
  • Dark gray
    Pending reminder or pending close has been set but not yet reached, no further action/attention needed right now
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