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Tracking Marketing Assets Downloads and Uses

Marketing assets include emails, brochures, newsletters, sales letters, blog posts, eBooks, PDFs, PPTs, and all other content from your website. These assets are important and are mostly used for your marketing campaigns. Marketing assets are, hence, tracked minutely to see how many within your target audience have downloaded them. This is another way to understand what type of assets has triggered better engagement. You can track your marketing asset downloads within Aritic PinPoint by following these basic steps.

Note:- You will first need to upload your marketing assets inside the Aritic PinPoint marketing assets option. Once you have uploaded, you can start viewing the number of downloads that happen over time. Add to this, you can also view if any of your contacts saved within Aritic PinPoint’s database has downloaded your marketing asset, and accordingly assign lead scores. You can target your leads better this way. Let’s get started.

Follow the steps below

1. Go to Assets. Click on Download Assest.

2. Click on the “New” button.

3. Click on the “Drop the file here or click to browse and select the file” hyperlink.


For downloading the whitepaper and other assets, we have two options. 1. Downloading assets, 2. By adding the form link to the landing page. When will going to download the whitepaper by using a downloading asset, use the form download asset to achieve it, or on form submission action when clicking it here it will redirect to another page to modify and download the assets from here. Steps:- 1. Create or edit the new form 2. Enter the required fields of the form. 3. Create the white paper subscriber form. 4. After creating the form add the form link to the Landing pages. 5. When a subscriber or visitor will visit and click on the form link form will open to the next browser page. 6. Then here enter the all required field and click on submit button, after that, we can download the whitepaper. Steps2. Downloading asset:- Use the download asset and upload and import the file and enter all required field of the asset and save it. Then the link will be created after that we can download the white paper also from here.

4. Select the file and click on the “Save&Close” button.

5. Go to the list page and open the created asset.

6. Click on the “Download URL” link to download the asset.

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