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Sign up for Aritic PinPoint Free Plan

1. Launch the URL

2. The free user registration navigation starts from 4 different places.

a. Go to Home and click on the link “Start Automation for Free”:b. Go to Home and click on the link “Register a free account”.c. Go to Pricing page and click on the link “SignUp Now”.

d. Click on “Sign Up” button for the “Free SignUp” column.3. Enter the details.
(User Info)

a. Enter the email.

b. Enter the confirm email.

c. Enter the unique user name.

d. Enter the password.

e. Confirm the password.

(Company Info)

a. Enter full name

b. Enter Street Address

c. Enter Country

d. Enter City

e. Enter Postal Code.

f. Click on the checkbox “Currently, Aritic is in Beta stage and I have read &  accept the Terms & Conditions”.

4. Click on “Register” button.

5. Click on “login from here” link from the “Thank You” page.

6. Enter the “Username”,”Password”  and click on “Sign in” button.7. Verify your Email Address and click on “Back to Login”.

8. Enter “Username” and “Password” and click on “Sign in”.

9. The page will navigate to the “Dashboard” page.

10. Click on “Go to Aritic Pinpoint  Dashboard” and use account.





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