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Setup Days and Hours to Trigger Actions or Conditions

In Aritic PinPoint, you can schedule your automation campaign on specific days or hours by setting up relevant action triggers or condition triggers. This feature helps in sending out your marketing message at the right time. For instance, you can schedule an email campaign for a particular segment at one specific time and date.

To start with this, you will need to first launch your Aritic PinPoint Engagement Dashboard and from the left-sidebar, click on Automation Campaigns > Create a new automation campaign. 

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You can edit a pre-existing campaign, which you will find listed on the Campaigns page that you see after you click on Automation Campaigns (the first step). Otherwise, proceed to create a new one.


Select the type of campaign you want to create. Here we will select Segment Based campaign > Launch campaign builder.

You will now have to enter your segment and then you will need to specify the actions and conditions to set up the time and date. Below as you can see, we will first set up the action.

Reference: How to set up Actions inside Aritic PinPoint Campaign Builder

Here, we will choose to Send Email option for our automation campaign.

After choosing the action (or condition), you need to choose if it will be triggered immediately or at a relative time period, or at a specific date/time, Choose the option “At a relative time period”.

Add the “name of the action” under the name section. Select the email template from the drop-down menu for email selection. Select the triggering conditions by clicking on the drop-down below “After”. This helps you in sending your content at a specific time.

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