In Aritic PinPoint, you can create select type fields. These fields have pre-defined values that are different from each other (However, contacts inside Aritic PinPoint can have only one value).

1. Open custom fields from the settings option > Create a new custom field.

2. Give your field a name. Then choose if it is a contact or company field. Next, you must choose the field type. In our example below, we have chosen the ‘Select‘ field.

3. After clicking on Select, you will have to fill in the labels and values.

Here,’ label‘ is the name of the option that will be displayed in the contact sheet when you are using tokens in emails or in the segment filters.
Values are used to import after synchronization with integrations. It is mandatory to add values, which can be the same as labels or different.

A) Below you will see two examples – one with the same value and one with different values.

1. Label and value are the same in “test1” but different for “test2”.

How to import contacts with a select field?

2. In your CSV file, make sure you display values and not labels in the columns.
Go to Import Contacts option, upload your CSV file with the Select Field. Now you can check contacts.