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Getting Started with A/B Testing of Landing Pages

Another name for A/B  testing is split testing. This is the process for finding the best version of a Landing page. It identifies which format or content or layout in a landing page is more effective in the terms of a lead capture page. You can test a Landing page by sending it to a small percentage of the total recipients where one version is sent to, say, group A  and another version is sent to group B. After that results are measured based on the version that received the maximum opening and engagement. 

Get started with A/B testing of Landing Pages

Login to your Aritic PinPoint dashboard > on the left sidebar, click on Components > Landing Pages 

First, create a Parent Page. Here we created – Landing page B.

Reference: How to create a landing page?

Once your parent page is created, go back to the page. Open your landing page > Performance Tab > Drop down arrow beside Close at the top right > “Add an A/B test“. Or, you can directly click on the option right below the performance graph – Create an A/B Test.

Create a new variation of this page and fill the mandatory fields. Make sure you choose the same theme as the original/parent landing page. Modify the landing page design as per your requirements. You can test content, layout, CTA buttons, forms, etc. Go to General settings after working on the theme.

Add a title and choose a percentage for the traffic weight. For example, if you choose 50, then 50% of contact will land on version A (parent page) and 50% will land on version B. Choose an A/B test winner criteria between the form submission rate, download rate, lowest bounce rate, or longest dwell time. Here we have used the Download rate as our criteria. Now click on the save and close option.

After both your variations are live and sent out to your traffic (50/50), you will see the performance metrics under the Performance tab when you open the landing page sheet.

You will see the A/B test stats under the performance graph. Once the variants are all created, you will see that the parent page, as well as the variant(s), have the same URL.

Though the URLs are the same, contacts will land on the parent page or variants according to traffic weight percentage.

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