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  1. Go to log in:
  2. Go to admin panel click on Macros management and create the new macros as mentioned below snapshot. In the Macros Management Mask you can add, edit and delete macros:

3. Clicking on an existing macro or by clicking on “New Macro” (top right) the edit mask opens:

4. One macro can make number of changes to the ticket, for example, you can close the ticket, set the owner and tag the ticket all with one click

This setting is optional, of course, so there’s nothing to worry about if you don’t want your macros to work like this.

You have two options on how to use Macros: 

  1. In the ticket on the right lower corner. There is an arrow next to the “update” button. All active macros are displayed here:

  1. If you want to apply a macro for more than one ticket, you have to select all the corresponding tickets in the overview:

3. Select all relevant tickets, click, hold down the cursor and move it anywhere, like that:

4. Keep the cursor pressed and go to “Run Macro” so that you can see all active macros:




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