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Supported Web Browsers for Aritic

Last updated on : 25 February 2023

A supported web browser is needed to enjoy the benefits of full-functionality of Aritic PinPoint’s features.

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Kindly note: The supported web browsers listed here apply to the use of Aritic PinPoint tools, and not public-facing content. The web-browser support for content created in and hosted by Aritic PinPoint will differ depending on the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS used on your site.


Windows-supported web browsers

  • Google Chrome Browser (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox Browser (latest version)
  • Microsoft Edge Browser (latest version)
  • Internet Explorer 11 Browser

Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Edge as your default web browser, and it supports Internet Explorer 11 for backward compatibility. Hence, the Internet Explorer 10 and below are not supported by Aritic PinPoint, as Microsoft doesn’t fully support them.

When you turn on Compatibility View on Internet Explorer 11, Aritic PinPoint will display unsupported browser warnings as IE 11 is working as an old web-browser. To resolve this issue, you can turn off the  Compatibility View.

Mac-supported web-browsers

  • Google Chrome web-browser (latest version)
  • Safari Browser (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox Browser (latest version)

Update your web browsers

It is one of the best practices to keep your web browsers updated to their latest version to ensure that websites render correctly. To update your supported browser, refer to their documentation:

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