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Solution and Fix for Segment (List) Bombing

Segment bombing is malpractice and is a type of cyber attack where hundreds of email are simultaneously submitted on forms by bots. As soon as we notice such an incident, the email deliverability team will reach out to your primary contact on your account.

Segment bombing impacts not only the organization but also the email addresses used. When this happens, the submitted email addresses will start getting numerous unwanted emails in a short span. This may overload their email server and also lead to hard bounces or spam; eventually hurting your deliverability rate.

It also impacts Aritic PinPoint’s capacity to send emails to other customers. Now, if a lot of recipients start to reject your marketing campaign, Aritic PinPoint’s sending IP address will be on the risk of getting blacklisted.

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To safeguard Aritic PinPoint’s email infrastructure and your sender reputation, sending email might get temporarily suspended until a restoration plan is completed.


Now, there is a way you can prevent this from happening. Implementing these two features will prevent list bombing:

  1. CAPTCHA: Enabling CAPTCHA will prevent bots from submitting the form on your site. Learn how to enable a simple Captcha inside your forms.
  2. Double Opt-In: In this feature, the contacts are required to open (click through) an email to confirm their subscription. Though this won’t prevent fake submissions, it will not let those addresses get to your list that are unconfirmed. Learn how to build a Double Opt-in email campaign.
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If you fall victim to segment bombing, enabling both double opt-in and CAPTCHA may be required for restoration.


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