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Setup Mobile Tracking Code for Contact Monitoring

In this article, you’ll learn how to Setup Mobile Tracking Code for contact Monitoring in Aritic Pinpoint.

The monitoring of contact’s behavior on a mobile app is much similar to website monitoring. Aritic PinPoint contains several building blocks that are essential for native (or pseudo – native) and HTML5 – wrapper based Apps, be it of any platform.

In a nutshell, use name screen views in your App as your page_URL field in the tracker, and the contact’s email as the unique identifier.

Setup Mobile Tracking Code – Steps in Aritic PinPoint

The email field should be made publicly editable. This means that a call to the tracking GIF with the variable email will be recognized by Aritic PinPoint properly.

Build a form as the access point of your campaign (like a new contact email). This form should be as simple as possible as you will be POST-ing it to your app. A typical form URL will look like:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//your_aritic_pinpoint_url/ma/form/submit?formID="></script>

You can get the ID from the Aritic URL as your view or edit the form in the Aritic PinPoint interface. You can get the form fields by simply looking at the HTML of the ‘Manual Copy‘ of the HTML in the editing page.

In your campaigns, make sure you define your screens you want to use as triggers. Aritic PinPoint is not in search for a real URL in the form http://’for page_url, so any typical string will work.

Inside your mobile app

One of the best ways is to have a class that can handle your tracking needs. For instance, this sample method call will POST to the form with ID 3.


Then to track individual user activity in app, this sample call will make an HTTP request to the tracker:

aritic.track("cart_screen", "")

which is nothing but an HTTP request to this GET-fomatted URL.


NB: Ensure that in your mobile app, the above HTTP request is using a cookie (if feasible, re-use the cookie from the aritic.addcontact POST request prior) AND that you’d re-use this cookie from one request to the next. This is how Aritic PinPoint will know that it is really the same user. Incase you cannot do this, you may see multiple contacts from the same IP address and Aritic PinPoint will automatically merge them into a single contact as it will not be able to differentiate who is who without a cookie.

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