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Pipedrive Integration

Pipedrive is a cloud-based sales software and is available for integration within Aritic PinPoint. To set up the Pipedrive plugin, you will need the following:

  1. Pipedrive account
  2. Pipedrive API URL
  3. Pipedrive API token
  4. Pipedrive Webhook URL and password

If you are aware where to find all of these, you can skip the next section where we will guide you through your Pipedrive account. If not, let’s get started.

Getting Pipedrive URL, API Token, and Webhook URL

The first step is to log into your Pipedrive account. If you don’t have an account, you can create it now. Once you have logged in, click on Settings under your profile icon.

In the next window, click on Settings > Personal Preferences API. You will get the API token which you need to copy and save to use later. Also, you will get the API URL here. The URL looks pretty similar to your normal Pipedrive URL. [lore_alert_message type=”info”]

You will need to add /v1 to your URL. After adding, your URL should look something like this:


Getting the Webhook URL and Password

Click on Webhook option, and Create a webhook. Enter your username and password (As you wish) and also an endpoint URL.

Once you are done, click on Save. You will get your Webhook URL.

[lore_alert_message type=”info”]

Make sure you remember the password you have used while creating the Webhook.


Now you have everything you need for the plugin integration. Open a new window and log into your Aritic PinPoint account.

Integrating Pipedrive with Aritic PinPoint

  1. Go to Settings > Apps.


2. Go to CRM Pipedrive

On clicking Pipedrive, a new popup will open where you will need to enter all the details under ENABLED/AUTH like Pipedrive URL, Pipedrive token, Webhook User and Webhook Password. Enter all the details in the appropriate boxes to proceed. You can choose to publish or unpublish it.

There are two more Tabs as you can see in the above image. You can set up the Features and Contact Mapping options for smoother functioning. Under the Features Tab, you can enable features like Triggered action push contacts to integration. In this, under Feature Specific Settings you can set as Enable Aritic PinPoint / Pipedrive objects integration. Make sure to tick mark the Company/organization box. Click on Apply  to save the edits.

Under “Features” tab, Activity Sync is also available. You can configure; activities to sync with your Pipedrive account.

Under Contact Mapping, fill in the Aritic PinPoint integration filed details. Enter First Name, Last Name.

Points Field Synchronization

The Pipedrive plugin can synchronize Points field as well. To use this feature, add such field to Person in Pipedrive. 

[lore_alert_message type=”info”]

Pipedrive doesn’t support this field by default. You will need to add it separately in your Pipedrive account. We recommend you do it before you start integrating the Pipedrive Plugin. That way, you will not need to enter all details from start after adding the points field. However, there is no specific order to this.


Adding Customized Fields in Pipedrive

Go to Settings once again and click on Settings > Add Custom Fields People option.

Click on Add People  option to proceed.

You will see the following window. Select the type of field you want to create. Here we have selected Numericals.

Upon clicking, you will see the following window where you will need to add a name of the field. We’ve used Points. After clicking on Save, you will get to see this in the list under People option.

Having done that, open the plugin configuration screen in Aritic PinPoint again to see a new mapping option. Configure the same.

Once you have saved above plugin settings, you will get following integration features active inside your Aritic PinPoint account.

“Push contact to integration” From Aritic PinPoint to Pipedrive:

This feature is available inside Aritic PinPoint Automation Campaign. From inside the marketing automation campaign builder, you will get following action:

  • Form action – Contacts will be merged (if same user adding multiple contacts) and there can be duplicate push to Pipedrive
  • Trigger action – Contacts will be merged (if same user adding multiple contacts) and there can be duplicate push to Pipedrive
  • Campaign action – There will not be duplicate push to Pipedrive as process sequential to merging.

It allow user to define the scenario to update or synced to the CRM.

Activity Sync

After Activity Sync features are active; you would be able to view following activities inside your Pipedrive account:

How does the “Full sync” mode work inside Aritic PinPoint?

The cron mode is full sync mode where it check for all new contacts and push to Pipedrive CRM, irrespective of the scenario or condition.

There will not be any duplicate push during the full sync mode. The Full Sync mode is applied directly from Aritic background application; you don’t have to do any additional setup.

How does the Fetch data from Pipedrive work?

Aritic PinPoint application automatically fetch data from your Pipedrive CRM account and the Leads from the CRM (is Mapped to contacts inside Aritic PinPoint), Account information from CRM is mapped to Company information.

All the leads are treated as separate contacts under Aritic PinPoint.

Aritic PinPoint fetches following items based on last modification date and date of last fetch CRON:

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Company / Account

What happens in First fetch?

First time Aritic PinPoint pick all the Leads/Contacts/Companies from Pipedrive CRM to Aritic PinPoint.
Note: System autodetect the first fetch and subsequent fetch.

What happens in subsequent fetch?

After first fetch completes, Aritic PinPoint automatically switch to full sync mode and keep all Leads/ Contacts/ Companies in sync.

How does Contact / Company field mapping work in both system?

Contact field mapping setting under plugins allow to do contact field mapping to match leads/contacts, companies fields from Pipedrive to Aritic PinPoint contact fields.

How does the update and delete rules work for Contact and Company?

Aritic PinPoint application supports one of the writing rules configured during deployment of application:

  • Aritic PinPoint can delete contacts in Pipedrive CRM
  • Aritic PinPoint can delete or update when Pipedrive CRM fields / Aritic PinPoint field is empty
  • Aritic PinPoint never delete or update.

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