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Personalize On-Site Widgets according to Contact Behavior

Once you start creating on-site widgets, then you can configure the personalized delivery of the widget on your website or landing page from the “On-site Campaign” page itself for each of the On-site widgets.

Do note that, you don’t require to add an additional code to make these on-site widgets work on your website or landing pages; if you have the Aritic tracking code already available on these pages.

Using this feature also helps you personalize the delivery of on-site widgets on your website or landing pages according to your contact behavior captured inside your Aritic PinPoint account. You can personalize the widgets delivery according to the contact custom field, segment membership, and website activity.

Personalize On-Site Widgets according to Contact Behavior:

Start creating a new On-site Widget from the Aritic PinPoint menu > Campaigns > On-site Campaign

On the next screen select “Is Automation” to Yes from the Details tab. The moment you activate this; you get to see the contact filters available on the right panel.

From this Filter tab, you can select “Contact Custom Fields”, “Segment Memberships” and “Website Activity”.

For example, if you would like to show an on-site widget only to the contacts who are members of the “Agency Partner” segment and to those who have also visited a specific URL on the website, then you can select “Segment Membership”  from Segment & Category filter and “Visited URL” from Website Activity Filter.

Finally, after you have defined the filter conditions then you can save this on-site widget and your visitors who are fulfilling the above filters would be able to see the widget on your website or landing page of yours.

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