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Getting Started With Webhook Inside Aritic PinPoint

This document explains how to set up a webhook in Aritic PinPoint

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Webhooks are simple user-defined HTTP callbacks that make the user empowered. Webhooks allow their users to do what they want with data that has been pushed on the internet.


Having webhooks on your web services will open functional extensibility. Webhook is a tool that retrieves and stores data from a certain event. It allows you to register an HTTP:// or HTTPS:// URL where the event data can be stored in JSON or XML formats. Webhooks make it easier to monitor events, but the changes are still detectable through polling & looking at changes in the count of returned objects.  

APIs are similar to webhooks when it comes to passing data; however, an API is followed by a response.

As webhooks do not require requests, the data is forwarded the minute it is available. If you want to send data using the Aritic Pinpoint application then you will need to ensure that the URL in place is capable of receiving data. If you are unsure, then you can check with our device or IT team.

The below events can be sent through a webhook from Aritic Pinpoint:

  • Contact Channel Subscription Change Event
  • Contact Delete Event
  • Contact Identified Event
  • Contact Points Changed Event
  • Contact Updated Event
  • Email Open Event
  • Form Submit Event
  • Page Hit Event

How to set up a webhook in Aritic PinPoint:

1. Log into your Aritic Pinpoint account, go to the top right side, and click on settings. Click on Webhooks as shown in the image below. 


2. On this page, click on the New option to set up a webhook.

3. Fill in all the requisite details like Name, Webhook Description, and Webhook Post URL which you can copy from your application and paste it here. 

4. Select the events that are most appropriate for your webhook. You can select more than one.

5. Keep the Published status as Yes.

webhook-final step

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The Order of the Queued Events is set as default here. You can change the order based on your requirements one webhook request can contain several events.


It is necessary to check that your application is receiving events properly before you decide to save the webhook. In case of success, a message will appear. If it doesn’t send properly then you’ll need to ensure that the Post URL is set up properly to receive the data.

Once this operation is successful, you can save and close the webhook.

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