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Getting Started with Email Campaigns

An email campaign is a set of arrangements about marketing efforts that give multiple recipients at once and at the most appropriate time valuable content and best offers via emails in order to build good and trustful relationships. In another way, we can say that Email campaigns are also composed of several rounds of messages meant to increase familiarity and trust around a product or service.

Email campaign types
You can choose email campaign according to your need you achieving your goal.
Welcome email
Holiday email
Invitation email
Seasonal email
Announcement email
Cross-selling email
Upselling email
Anniversary email
Reactivation email
Testimonial request email.
Abandoned shopping cart email.

How to measure email campaign effectiveness.
We measure email campaign effectiveness through the following method-
Open Rate
Click through rate
Bounce rate
Forwarded emails
Spam complaints

Best time for sending an email campaign o to Campaigns.

  • Between 6 am to 7 am- The morning hour is the best time because everyone woke up at this time and check their handset.
  • Between 10 am to 11 am- This is the time when all reach the office and try to give 5 mins on their handset to check a while.
  • Between 2 pm to 3 pm- Lunch time is also a good time to seek the attention of the customer.
  • Between 8 pm to 9 pm- Many people are free before going to bed at this they usually play with their phone. So this is the best time to send and they will definitely check the email.

Steps of an email campaign

  1. Go to Aritic PinPoint dashboard>>Campaigns>>Email Campaigns.

2. Click on Create Design New Email Template.

4. Fill the form>> save and close the button.

5. While designing a new email template we can use the following features
General- In this, we have filled all the details which are given to them.
Theme- we can select the theme according to the need and choices.
Marketing Tags– Process of engaging individuals
Scheduling– Here we can schedule the email campaigns, which will go live first and which will go later.
Advanced setting – Many more additional settings are there to feature the products.
Plain text version- Plain Text is regular text, with no special formatting options such as bold, italics, underlines, or special layout options.

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