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Getting Started with Calendar

Calendars are useful just because it allows you to record events, opportunities, campaigns, tasks and custom objects. It allows users to create and share events, invite colleagues and prospects to meet and create shared calendars between them.

Benefits of using a Calendar

  1. Share calendars with your clients to manage workload appointments and deadlines.
  2. Save time and be more productive.
  3. Access your calendar from anywhere and any system or smartphone; check and manage your appointments.
  4. Set reminders on your mobile device for an upcoming important meeting so you’ll never forget or miss it!

Getting Started with Calendar 

1. Login into “Aritic Pinpoint Dashboard” >> “Contacts”.

2. Click on the Lead/Contact name hyperlink.

3. The calendar details for the lead can see on this page.

4. Here you can also able to see the details of customer events and details when you will click on the hyperlink.

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