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FAQs on Facebook Lead Ads Integration


(1) Does Aritic PinPoint charge for Facebook lead ads integration?

No. you only have to pay Facebook when you run lead ads and Aritic PinPoint does not charge anything above that. Integration of Facebook lead ads (contact your customer success manager to get the integration done) with Aritic PinPoint is free.

(2) How can I test my Facebook lead ad?

Facebook’s testing tool lets you to test your Facebook lead ads. When you do so, it will have an Original source data value of a Facebook organic lead in Aritic PinPoint.

(3) How are Facebook lead ads to be paid in Aritic PinPoint?

If you haven’t already set up a Facebook Ads account, then you need to set that up first. Therein, you will be prompted to add your payment information. This payment method will be added to your Facebook account and will be accessible in your Facebook Ads manager.

(4) Should I be having a privacy policy for my Facebook lead ads?

Though Aritic PinPoint does not provide any legal advice, it is advisable to have a privacy policy.


(5) What permissions do I need to sync Facebook leads to Aritic PinPoint?

These are the prerequisite for a user to connect Facebook and Aritic PinPoint accounts and to sync Facebook leads to Aritic PinPoint.

  • Ads Publish permission in Aritic PinPoint
  • Lead Access on your Facebook business page(s)
  • Admin access on your Facebook business page(s)
  • Admin access in the Facebook ads account
(6) How can I sync my existing Facebook lead ads to Aritic PinPoint?

After you connect your Facebook Ads account to Aritic PinPoint, you will get to see your existing lead ads in Facebook on your Aritic PinPoint dashboard. Furthermore, any leads fetched from these Ads will be created as a contact (from last 90 days) in your Aritic PinPoint portal.

(7) How are Facebook lead ads synced to forms to Aritic PinPoint?

After you connect your Facebook Ads accounts to Aritic PinPoint, all the active lead Ad forms that are connected with Facebook business page enabled for syncing will be created in your Aritic PinPoint account automatically. However, you can also remove Facebook lead Ad forms from Aritic PinPoint. You can do so by archiving the form in the Facebook business page.

(8) Can changes be made to my Facebook lead ad in Aritic PinPoint?

Any changes that you wish to make to lead Ad can only be made on the original platform. For say, lead ads that were originally created on Facebook are only editable on Facebook. However, the changes made will sync back to Aritic PinPoint.

Following details are editable in Aritic PinPoint (part of Social Ads):

  • Image/video
  • Audience
  • Creative headlines
  • Payment mode
  • Text
  • Following are the details that cannot be edited in Aritic PinPoint:
  • Schedule start
  • Schedule end
  • Ad name and campaign name
  • Ad set name
  • Placement
  • Lifetime budget
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Also, published ad forms in Facebook are not editable.

(9) Does a custom field on Facebook lead ads sync to Aritic PinPoint?

Yes. custom fields that are included on your Facebook lead ads will be created in Aritic PinPoint as single-line text properties automatically. You can find it in the lead ad properties property group. However, the hidden fields will not be created in Aritic PinPoint.

(10) Does the consent field on my Facebook lead ad sync to Aritic PinPoint?

Yes. when you add consent field to your lead ad on Facebook, it will sync to Aritic PinPoint. It will start to sync all the Facebook lead ads in your Aritic PinPoint ads tool.


(11) How can I segment contacts on my facebook lead ad conversions?

You Facebook lead ad conversions sync to the Aritic PinPoint as form submissions. This form is then created in your Aritic PinPoint automatically and you can recognize it with this name lead ads: [Name of the lead ad form].  Furthermore, when you enable lead syncing for the page, all your active forms for a Facebook business page will be automatically created in Aritic PinPoint. The related form submissions can be used for segmenting contacts in lists, workflows, and filters.

(12) My contact has an original source data 2 value of the Facebook organic lead. Why?

If people engage with your Facebook lead ad, i.e., share or comment and that results in getting your lead ad to people who are not in your targeting parameters, and these organic leads happen to submit your lead ad, you would not have to pay for them. They will have an original source data 2 value of the Facebook organic lead.  Now, if you use Facebook’s testing tool Ad test to your Facebook lead ad, any test lead created as a result will also have a value against original source data 2 of the organic lead.

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