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Do an Advanced Search in Aritic Pinpoint

In Aritic PinPoint, you can search for your contacts using prefixes or several ‘order’. This is one of the search options which helps to locate objects/contacts with stated prefixes.

1. To search a contact using operators that are stated below, go to contacts and type in the operators in the search bar.

Search operators :

  • +(the plus sign): Search the exact term (for example; search +Tom will find “Tom” but not “Toms”)
  • (the exclamation point): Search all contacts who don’t answer to the search term
  • “…” (double quotations mark) : Search a group of terms
  • (…) (parenthesis) : Regroup expressions together
  • OR: By default, Automation searches objects whose names begin with the first search terms and others. Use OR to link your term and to search objects which answer to the first term or any other.

2. Use the below-stated search orders to search contacts in groups based on the order.

Search order :

  • is:anonymous : Search anonymous contacts
  • is:unowned : Search contacts who don’t have owners
  • is:mine : Search contacts I (i.e. user aka you) own
  • email:… : Search contacts by email. Add the email in place of the dots after the colon
  • segment:{segment_alias} : Search contacts belonging to the filled segment
  • name:… : Search contacts by name. Add the name in place of the dots after the colon
  • company:… : Search contacts by company
  • owner:… : Search contacts by owner
  • ip:… : Search contacts by IP address
  • ids:ID1,ID2 (IDs separated by comma, no space) : Search contacts by ID

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