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Calendly Integration

You can Create / update a contact inside Aritic PinPoint when an event is scheduled from Calendly. Scheduled meeting/ event will appear inside your Aritic PinPoint calendar. For a contact, the scheduled meeting/ event appears under the respective contact engagement tab. You can also check out the description of the event by mouse over on the particular meeting whether it’s Cancelled or Rescheduled. For more information click here.

You need to have Calendly account, click here to Sign up for Calendly.

1. Go to Integration tab in Calendly dashboard to get your API key.

2. Copy the API key.

3.Click on Settings from the right corner of the screen.

4. Click on Apps.

5. Click on Calendly.

6. Click on Enabled/Auth. After that enter following information:

7. Click on Feature.

8. Click on Save & Close.

9. Again go back to the Aritic main dashboard, you will find ‘Contacts‘ at the left corner.

10. After clicking on Contacts, immediately move your cursor to Segments.

11. Under Segments, scroll down to search for Meetings/Events.

12. Click on Meetings/ Events, you will get two options: Meeting Booked Date and Meeting Canceled Date.

13. If you press Meeting Booked Date, you will get the following options:

14. Then, click on Meeting Canceled Date, again you will get two choices:  

15. After finishing the above steps, now you have to go to the left corner in the Aritic dashboard, search for ‘Contacts’. Click on ‘Contacts’, you can manage all visitors, leads, and customers.
16. Under the ‘Contact’ page, you have to type your name in the filter. Once you can see your name, right-click on it. You will get the below page.

17. On the top, there are three options-Edit, Profile, and Engagement. You can ‘Create a new contact.’

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