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Activate Co-browsing inside Aritic Chatbot

Only one operator can co-browser with users in the Shared version. Operators can track the activities of the users and inform how to enable customer support team. 

a) You can use the operator mouse on the user screen.

b) Operator can highlight the elements on the user screen. 

c) Offer an option to click elements in the user screen including links.

Steps to activate Co-browsing in the chat window

a) As soon as you click on the blue eye icon, a similar window will be visible. Click on blue eye to enable automatic screen sharing option.

b) If you hover over the red eye, then it will convey the status of the screen sharing window.

c) The moment you click on the blue eye, the user will be reminded to share his screen.

d) If you click on the mouse checkbox, then your mouse position will be shared with the user mouse position.

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