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The assignment of rights / Permissions

  1. Go to log in:
  2. Go to admin “Roles” can be found in the admin area at Manage
  3. Click on the role the user should have in the system. This user will have the administrative rights, She/he will be an agent who processes the tickets or a customer who only sees and processes his own tickets.
  4. Once you click on the role of the user it will open an” Edit: role” page. For more details follow the Snapshot given below.

5. If the current user is an agent, you can select this option to open further settings. Now it is possible to select which rights are assigned to him in which group.

6. If a user gets no rights to one group, the system does not display a ticket or ticket notification to the user. This group, for which he has no rights, is also not displayed in the group selection.


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