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  1. Go to log in :
  2. Go to Admin settings click on roles and edit the “Agent” role as mentioned below snapshot.
  3. You can edit the Agent roles using the below snapshot.

4. In addition, access rights can be given to individual groups:


5. The normal way we can provide the full permission to an agent like a below-mentioned snapshot.

6. Another common use case is the supervisor role, where the supervisor can freely view and modify tickets, just like an agent, but cannot be assigned as a ticket owner. This is done by selecting all four individual permissions:

READ: Read-only access to the tickets and entries of this group.

CREATE: Right to create tickets or entries in this group.

CHANGE: Right to change the attributes of tickets or entries or areas that belong to this group.

OVERVIEW: Right to see tickets in the overviews. A view of the ticket details is not possible.

FULL: Right to create, read, change and see tickets in the overviews.

7. Here are a few examples of different combinations of rights:

This applies to group “Customer Success” and allows the agent to read and edit its tickets. He can also search for those tickets and see them in overviews. The agent can’t create new tickets into the group “Customer Success”.


This applies to group “Customer Success” and allows the agent to create new tickets to the group. He also can see the tickets in overviews. The agent can’t read or edit tickets of this group (also Bulk actions do not work). Searching for tickets inside of “Customer Success” is also not possible.


The agent can read, search and edit tickets for the group “Customer Success”. The tickets will not appear in the agent’s overviews and creation of new tickets doesn’t work as well.


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