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Additional E-Mail Setting

  1. Go to log in:
  2. Go to Overviews click on my assigned tickets and choose the particular ticket which you want to add the “Additional E-Mail Settings”.

3. They are different ticket settings that can be made directly on the ticket. These settings are at the top of each ticket to the right of the subject as shown below snapshot.

4.  Inside setting you can able to see options called default visibility, Email- Subject field, Email –Full quote and Twitter-tweet initials as shown below snapshot.

5.  Note-Default visibility: You can select the default ticket visibility to internal or external? (this setting can be changed later on for each article) for more information find the snapshot.

6.  Email – Subject field: Use subject field for emails. If disabled, the ticket title will be used as subj. If you enter “yes”, you can enter a separate subject for each article.

7. Email – full quote: If you activated email full quote settings, the content of all previous articles marked as external will be listed at the end of the new message.

8.  Twitter initials: Adding the sender’s initials to the end of a tweet.



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